i find microscopic analogy in stagnant water (cybernetics poem after norbert wiener)

an almost buddhist
to the fact
and it is a fact
that sooner or later we shall die.
it is, in fact, wholly probable that the universe will die the heat death.
the world will find itself reduced
to a vast
and nothing new will ever happen.

nothing will be left
or what will be left –
a drab uniformity from which you can expect only minor and insignificant local fluctuations
– will not be worth your time
or mine

regardless, these last stages –
what we call the world's death
or the heat death
– can have no spectators.

our lives are insignificant fractions
of eternity
stages so small
they would be dwarfed by even the
smallest minor local fluctuation in the heat death

these pockets of
form the negative
of the mould

which is never insignificant

so rejoice while you can
if you can
i find comfort and microcosmic
analogy in stagnant water
and soggy
bits of old bread
which appear to me
very much like the end