all these ˘ perfect zones of trust

the bark is filled with 
collect read 
that and weep
fear broadens
like odour
the boundary of the 
godi s an ornament
that extends abody

i will say catherine wheel
but think hygiene
all these ˘ 
perfect zones of trust
people kiss the earth in thanks
it is something i am aware
feel on my skin

dying on the spore if i feel lucky
i flee feel if i feel lucy say =d no d
a sad d
day for me too
on a 

the pitch to drop
yet and charms n
strange and
schrödinger's c)T
in between and you
ask me for the time
i cannot answer
to you

all nations revel 

we are always non-official wastrels if 
i am sorry for your loss

i will say this
new body language
requires architects and 
linguists to stop their war