donald rumsfeld is a moon child and i respect that...

the woman reading might well be reading the horoscope of louis philippe poire what’s up LP? you are currently dealing with a situation that is riddled with unquantifiable unknowns this is starting to sound like rumsfeld just like rumsfeld reports that say that something hasn't happened are always interesting to me because as i know there are known knowns there are things i know we know i also know there are known unknowns i know there are some things we do not know not to mention there are unknown unknowns the ones i don't know we don't know donald was born on july 9 making him a cancer i don’t mean that ironically he’s not so bad but systemic rot is not the same as a few bad apples people born under cancer are called moon children donald is a moon child and i respect that i get all my astrological information from wikipedia  and i’ve been noticing that some astrological signs have extensive pages  and others are quite bare meaning perhaps one thing we can say is that some astrological signs are just not into editing wiki pages i can’t tell you why but i will tell you that apparently people born under cancer can  

I) if you're not that into horoscopes 
II) donald rumsfeld is a moonchild and I respect that 
III) amazon is incorporated 
IV) the hamburger is going into retirement