#03 Separation.

Pressure to be 'modern' in the arts is just pressure to use flick-book graphics as though we're all not trained in photoshop and illustrator. MS Paint devolution is the new primitivism. Genius lies in the choice. 

#11 Nikola Tesla's 'earthquake machine' worked to amplify resonance frequencies : he claimed he could bring down a building with a device that could fit into his pocket. Pressure.

Being modern is both a term of praise and the greatest reproach, often from the same mouth. Facing the formula worked, re-worked in art of all types, be left behind as struggling saboteurs throwing the sabots or forge ahead to contemporaneity, which is nostalgia for the last great uncool. Curation.

#34 néo-90s. Greatest techno hits, all-white outfits, early-net graphics, updated gothic tendencies.

The same forces that are lauded as permitting the dissemination and proliferation of information, and therefore of education, are also those that seem to be depriving our civil liberties, creating subtler consumers of us all, and channeling expression through neater and blander packaging. 

#462 Pointless to decry the ratio of self-education : selfies on the internet.

Specialisation is as dangerous as generalisation. Iain Sinclair, in response to the question of which extinct species he would bring back (following the responses - sabre-toothed tiger and t-rex - of two field specialists) : "pure poets." 

#212 evian bottles

I imagine that amongst the earliest doubters of the printing press were those who realised that stopping incendiary writings would soon be impossible or that, in moments of peace, the majority probably preferred the back street seamy graphics and instalments of drab novella fictions to political pamphlets. Town gossip has not changed because of facebook.

#1002 No hugging, no learning. No soup for you.

We might also ask where all the great savants, geniuses of philosophical science, dabblers, and Anathasius Kirchers of the world have gone. But we can find their happy equivalent in the modern dabblers, enthusiasts, free-floaters, and culture looters.

#67 bad brand chat. Chat with a bad brand. Murakami premiers LV bag, african vendors already have its fake. Biennale overrun by LV. We know where we got ours? Sincerity as an instance of irony.

Despite the efforts of anti-commercialism lefties, philosophers, and culture critics, the resulting tackiness of certain high-name brands came about in the following way: people who cannot afford the brand but want its symbolic content make a fake, wear it with pride. Fakes made in China are now : gucci belt spells baggy pants and fake gold chains *hiphopculture ; LV monogram is the queen bee or the cells of the hive - looking fake everywhere, except behind plate glass, the little tan spots have changed the leopard. 

#99 and what of the leopard? Once a sign of such potency - the royal hunt - its pattern is almost synonymous with fake fur and pvc. Thus giving it all the attributes necessary for a comeback, but only in denigrated mediums, otherwise too luddite.

LV has been visually and symbolically destroyed by its own proliferated image and not by any astute reasoning in a myriad of books and essays on consumer culture, thus *x-envy. but c.f. #34 for tacky-brand love, oakley+chanel, adidas button-ups+GOCCI. Much misspelled rehabilitation.

#17 the new market for buff gym junkers is offshore steroids cocktails, a process known as 'stacking'

TBC because perfect idea. Hairless, bulging, and veiny, people now look like erect penises. 

#569 dancing at the altar, which one? Bridal expo vs. Abraham and Isaac.

Match websites. Reducing love to a series of physical, social and economic attributes. May as well just go straight to robots. But, cf. Ghost in the Shell because who ever asked the robots? Can envisage flabby sycophants at the feet of humanity's creation. Banish natural doubt.