cine stills

"whole films in two frames"
[large view]

these are old 6x6's from my mother's box brownie,
that's my grandfather with the ball in the first one,
there is a sense of violence there somehow.
my mother is in the second, playing tennis
and again in the third, with long hair.

I know so little about my parent's lives, comparatively so, anyhow, given that they were my closest companions for my pre-adult life. I think about the way we view those closest to us, with vivid images in our minds, with sensorial memories of sound, temperature and colour. I think most of summer nights, fluorescent street lamps, knowing bodies and of the wind; the warm summer wind sweetened with jasmine and salt. Those gut romances, those physical memories are relics so coloured and fertile, it is hard to imagine the future-children of your friends not knowing them. I try to imagine the savour of my parents lives and picture something of the magic that too must linger in their memories like flavours on a tongue.